150-709 GPS Lightning Arrestor

Lightning arrestors will protect your systems from lightning damage. In-line lightning arrestors are mounted on a low impedence ground between the antenna and the point where the cable enters the building. This is a commonly used configuration since there is often a good ground nearby to connect to. The lightning arrestors require no additional power or wiring except the ground lead.

GPS L1 InLine Amplifier

GPS L1 Inline amplifier is a simple and elegant solution to extend the GPS antenna length of 300 feet [91 meters].

L1 GPS Antenna Down/Up Conv

GPS signal down/up conversion is required when signal losses in the antenna cable limit the distance between the receiver and the antenna assembly. At just over 250 feet (76 meters) in cable length, the benefits can be realized using a Down/Up Converter assembly versus the use of low loss cable and amplifiers. Signal strengths and noise immunity as well as the cost benefits over the use of low loss cable and amplifiers are the main advantages of using the Antenna Down/Up Converter assembly.